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Hi I'm Nash

I'm an entrepreneur, a narrative podcast host and producer, rock climber, and Ashtanga yoga teacher

 Nash Mayuela started as a dreamer (much like everyone else). Her mission in life is to live out her dreams, pursue her passions, and take you with her!

OK, let me shift to first person now... When I was 7 years old, while watching the news on TV (with her grandparents), I decided that I wanted to become a news anchor and a journalist one day. Something about the spoken word fascinated me. Well, that dream never really came true. But I dabbled.

After finishing BS Psychology in university, I went on to work for an American publishing company for 7 years as a sales and marketing consultant for self-published authors while leading a sales team at the same time. Then I hit a ceiling. There was nothing left for me to aspire for, nothing excited me anymore. It’s time to move.

So I left my home country (the Philippines) in February 2017 to travel, lose herself, find herself, and rebuild herself.

I've been on the road since until I found a home in Thailand where I'm currently based.

I have been working online since July 2016 starting as a sales consultant for SaaS startups until I learned the ropes, mastered the ins and outs of the industry, built up my skill set, and rose the ranks.

My 11 years of experience in sales and marketing led me to land high-profile contracts and consulting gigs from clients in the US, Europe, Australia, Vietnam, and Thailand while working remotely.


I led sales teams, started building marketing teams, and created offers and packages from scratch for tech startups.

The subscription packages and offers you see on SaaS sites, I author those. 


Then the pandemic happened.

It’s time for a reset. Time to rethink my strategy.

I was handling strategic partnerships for an Australian edtech company by day and Media Partnerships Director for an outdoor magazine by night. So I was jampacked and I needed that. 

But still, the lockdown gave me ample time for introspection.

This led me to decide that it's time — it's time to take on a different path.

It’s time to be brave. It's time to make a bold move I've never done before.

It’s time to test myself and see if the entrepreneurial game is for me.

And so I did. Cause you never really know until you try, right?

I stepped away from her previous roles and started Podcastmate which launched in March 2020 and Chasing Flow State in June 2020.

After 2 years of running Podcastmate, it’s time to start something exciting again to add to my portfolio.

So here we are. I'm starting my consulting and coaching business helping brands and thought leaders solidify their communication strategy through narrative podcasting.


Because podcasting is still nascent.  It's an untapped niche and you gotta go all in.


There’s still so much growth that will happen. As a brand, you want to be part of that growth and advancement but you also want to create a niche for yourself.

Narrative podcasting helps you to do that.

Everyone’s bored with ordinary podcast interviews. People want to solve their problems. People want you to take them to the next level.

Your audience wants you to educate and entertain them at the same time.

What better way to do that than by creating a narrative podcast show where your real personality will shine through, where you can wrap your message in a story so your audience will pay attention.

I’m not saying it’s easy. But if you want to create impact — that’s how it’s done.

You decide.

how i got here

The professional evolution that led me to where I am now and how I got to do what I do


Still building and working on my projects (Podcastmate & Chasing Flow State)




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I was traveling while working online and have lived in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia. 


Learned to get more clients and establish my portfolio online.

Worked with mostly US companies and tech startups as a business development consultant.

This time I already had over 7 years of sales and marketing experience for international clients under my belt from my previous role.


Left the Philippines to travel with no intention of coming back. 

Started my digital nomad life.


Quit my job and started working online


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Graduated BS Psychology
at the University of San Carlos


I’m not saying it’s easy.
But if you want to create impact — that’s how it’s done.


i care about

other stuff

I'm currently working on and invovled in

I like to keep intellectually stimulated and do projects that keep me creative and take me to adventures. 

That's where Chasing Flow State comes in -- I lead Power and Ashtanga yoga classes both online and at yoga retreats, rock climbing camps, and surf camps.

I also do peak performance coaching to rock climbers and entrepreneurs based on the science of flow state and positive Psychology. 

Currently, I'm building a podcast company - Podcastmate, where we produce story-driven immersive podcasts for brands and thought leaders. 

I'm a podcaster and podcast executive producer for multiple shows such as PMRPMR DiariesThe Weekly Riff, including Chasing Flow State.​

Curious and want to work with me on your podcasts or on peak performance?


Let's connect - OR

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